Who we are

The Citizens of Moschato Movement ‘Mesopotamia’, was founded in 2003, from a group of Moschato’s citizens. The political, ecological and social issues concerning this period and this region, along with the realization of the need for immediate and collective mobilization led to common action. Mesopotamia was quickly established in the conscience of active citizens of Moschato and adjacent areas, up to the wider periphery, as a community with multifaceted action in the field of social struggles and culture. Important marks in all the past years were the battle for non privatization of the city’s sea front from 2004 until today, the school for immigrants and refugees, the cinema club of short films, the reading club, etc

From 2006, Mesopotamia, is housed in 13 Platonos street, in a building granted from the Municipality of Moschato.


Constant actions

Time and Solidarity Bank: From 2011, we activated the network of Time and Solidarity Bank of Mesopotamia, with hundreds of members from Moschato and other areas. It’s purpose is to cover every day needs without the interference of money. An activity like this does not only create an embankment against poverty but aims to place the foundations of a new model in economic relations between humans, based on Solidarity away from the logic of cash economic relations.

Solidarity School: Within the Time Bank we operate since 2013, the Solidarity School of Mesopotamia which includes additional tuition for all levels, foreign language and music lessons, events and seminars. It is a prototype (in comparison with other similar social schools) educational attempt, as it operates with joint meetings of parents, educators and students and it organizes retributive events of social and cultural character.

Solidarity Basket: Since 2014, Mesopotamia operates the “Solidarity Basket”, based on its own capabilities it supports with long- term food, citizen’s families but also refugees and immigrants. The food is handed out every Wednesday from 13:30-15:00.

Cinema Club: The cinema club was created in the summer of 2015 aiming to offer interesting movies from all over the world. In this objective we also project Greek movies long and short, which we combine whenever possible with meetings and discussions with Greek creators.

Apart from the constant activities of Mesopotamia, throughout the year a plethora of events and activities of social, political and cultural character is organized, like discussions of political conjecture, social  interventions, projections, book presentations, tours, exchange – gratuitous bazaars, musical events, exhibitions.


Why Mesopotamia?

In order to remind that the natural borders of Moschato were the two rivers of Attica Kifissos and Ilissos.


How do I become a “member” – How do I participate?

In Mesopotamia there are no permanent or regular members and accordingly there is no  Board of directors or administrative Bureau.


How and by whom are the decisions taken since  there are no members?

Decisions are taken without voting, by consensus, through the equal participation of all in the public meetings.


What are the public meetings of Mesopotamia and what decisions they lead to?

Weekly meeting of Tuesday: Every Tuesday at 21:00 we discuss, decide and organize weekly actions.

Meeting of Solidarity School: Every three months parents, educators and students of our school evaluate its operation and decide jointly for retributive events of social and cultural character.

Cinema Club Meeting: Every two months, we discuss and decide the Club’s program.


How is Mesopotamia economically supported?

Mesopotamia is supported solely on the contribution of its friends.