Mesopotamia meets Athens Integral Cooperative

Within the present conditions of social and political degradation and deconstruction in Greece, it is necessary to turn to creative forms of resistance through self-organization and self-management formulating, thus, new models of workers’ economy for a society of free and happy people.

Athens Integral Cooperative is a network of solidarity economy, aiming in covering of basic needs and desires rather than consumerism focusing on self-sufficiency. Thus it is using a local self-institutionalized monetary unit (LETS network).

On Saturday, 20th of May, at 19:00, in Mesopotamia’s yard, Platonos 13 in Moschato, Mesopotamia will welcome Cooperative. Mesopotamia’s timebank, as well as AIC’s monetary unit will be explained in detail.

We will play Trading Floor Game, all together. this is an economic models simulation game, invented by Matthew Slater and Sybille Saint-Girons!

You are welcome, for an interesting and fun night!


You can learn more about Athens Integral Cooperative in their site: