Cinema Club: The immigrant by James Gray


We continue our projections this Sunday, 22/10, with James Gray’s film “The Immigrant”, 2013, Color, 120′ .

About the movie:

“In 1921, two siblings from Poland, Ewa (Marion Cotillard) and Magda (Angela Sarafyan) migrate to New York seeking a better fortune, but Magda’s poor health condition forbids her from entering the country and places her in quarantine at Ellis Island, dividing the two sisters.


An interesting story about a migrant of the last century on the promised land, America. The drama of the immigrant is described in a beautiful way, and Marion Cotillard once again gained the impression that, in addition to demonstrating her acting skills, she also demonstrated her ability to learn Polish for the role needs, a language she uses in a fairly large part of the film “.


Sunday, 22/10, at 19:45. As always, in the house of Mesopotamia, Platoos 13, Moschato.

Entry is free but, if you like, you can help with the Long Term Food Solidarity Basket and the Mesopotamian Solidarity School with stationery.

We are waiting for you!